Spa day at Wynn Salon & Spa


How many times do you really observe the signs your body gives you? The fatigue, the headaches? We neglect it don’t we?
So before the new year starts I decided to dedicate some time to help my body in removing some, if not all, toxic waste with the help of a detox massage, and I knew just the place to go to – Wynn Spa & Salon.

This detox massage falls under their “Body Rituals” section on their menu. Unlike other regular massages, this is helpful because of the rhythmic strokes that the therapist applies, which stimulates your body. My masseuse, Asenla, used a combination of movements, that included irregular and altering applications of pressure that gently compressed and stretched my muscle tissues.

1. Foot Ritual: Done to clean the dirt with lukewarm water
2. Lymphatic Drainage Massage (60 mins): This helps to break down the cellulite, water retention and reduces the toxins in your body
3. Scrub: Treats the dryness and tanning of your skin
4. Wrap (Neck to Toe): This helps to moisturize the body and add a glow to it. It also makes your skin smooth, giving it a feather like touch.

* Aroma Massage Oil
* Jasmine Scrub
* Sandalwood Wrap

The massage was followed by steam and a hot water shower – all in all, 120 mins of pure bliss!

This was my first time at Wynn Spa & Salon and I absolutely loved how professional and hospitable the staff was. The salon is quite spacious with various rooms, and maintains the hygiene and cleanliness standards that one expects from a spa. There is definitely a repeat session on my calendar soon!


– P E A C E  O U T –

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