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Even in a city like Mumbai, people are stuck in the rut of monotony. Waiting impatiently for the weekend, only to realise that it’s Monday again. The weekend whizzes by so fast, it’s like it was never here.

What if I told you that you can spend your free time on a yacht with the wind running through your hair as you admire the beauty that is Mumbai’s coastline? And what if I told you that it’s no longer a luxury, it’s something most of us can afford. Seems unreal, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not.

A lot of the folks are unbeknownst to this fact, but you can now treat yourself to a side of Mumbai you’ve never seen before. I am talking about sailing at Gateway of India.

Sailing in Mumbai

My sisters and I decided to experience sailing while enjoying the sunset. Booking a slot was very simple. I went on BookMyShow and instantly booked tickets as per the desired time slot.

Slots are available in the morning and evening. I took an evening slot at 4pm. I’d recommend taking the same time slot since its the golden hour with the absolute best views.

Sailing in Mumbai

We departed from Gateway on a smaller boat which took us to our sailboat. As we settled on our sailboat we were given a few safety instructions and bottled water. We sailed past some of the city’s oldest lighthouses which I didn’t know existed and spotted quite a few yachts and fishing boats.

As we continued sailing, the waves started to get intense and the not so gentle splash of the water hit our face from time to time. Along with that we were accompanied by seagulls and got to experience one of the most beautiful sunsets by the sea.

On our way back we passed the naval base and the fish market, a beautiful sight. We also spotted naval personnel who were training for the Western Fleet Pulling Regatta of Indian Navy, which usually takes place in January.

Two hours of unadulterated fun!

Sailing in Mumbai

Sailing in Mumbai

A romantic sunset and the coast of Mumbai as the backdrop, this is ideal for couples to leave behind cacophony of the city, and unwind.

Also, for people who want to take up sailing as a professional sport, there are quite a few clubs in Colaba that offer training lessons.

Sailing in Mumbai

So are you still waiting for the weekend, to hit up the same old pubs?

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