13 pet-friendly cafes/restaurants in Mumbai


I bet you guys are aware of my obsession with my pooch, Snow Sheth. With his hectic schedule that involves naps, mealtimes, and more naps, I try to fit myself in to spend some quality time. Being the most pampered and loved baby at home, my family and I find it extremely difficult to leave him alone when we go out. I am sure people who own pets can relate to it. Hence, I decided to put my research skills into good use to find out which cafes and restaurants in Mumbai welcome our four-legged furries.
Here’s a list of places that adore people who are absolutely OTT and mushy with their pets, with no judgements passed.

The Stylease - Indian clothing rental


You would assume it’s May, with the glaring sun on our heads, and humid name sake breeze would stop us Indians from having weddings? But oh, in India wedding season is a year-round festivity.

While it seems exciting, it can also get stressful when you have weddings to attend back-to-back and you check your wardrobe to realise that you don’t have enough clothes for all these functions. If you can relate to this situation don’t worry, I’ve got a perfect solution for you!

Sailing season is here


Even in a city like Mumbai, people are stuck in the rut of monotony. Waiting impatiently for the weekend, only to realise that it’s Monday again. The weekend whizzes by so fast, it’s like it was never here.

What if I told you that you can spend your free time on a yacht with the wind running through your hair as you admire the beauty that is Mumbai’s coastline? And what if I told you that it’s no longer a luxury, it’s something most of us can afford. Seems unreal, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not…

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